Hello everybody!

I’m back after a large Christmas Holidays working on new free amigurumi patterns.

I would like to share with you this fantastic crochet necklace. I took the idea of a magazine but do my own tiny pattern.

You can gift it to you lovely love, to your mother, to anyone! Saint Valentine’s Day is not only for our husbands or boyfriends/girlfriends, isn’t it?

If you want to gift this necklace you can buy it for on my ETSY store!  or in my Amigurumis Store

And soon you will be able to buy it on my Etsy Store.

If you want to crochet it…. here we go! Hope you enjoy it!


* Ch: chain

*Sc: Single crochet

*Dec: decrease

Amigurumi Heart Free Pattern

I used light brown tiny yarn and 1,5 crochet.

(make 2 humps)

R1: Make a magic ring of 5sc (5)

R2: 2sc in each sc (10)

R3:  (1sc in first sc, 2 sc in second sc) to the end of the round (15)

R4: 1sc in each sc (15). this is the end of the first hump. Fasten off and save it in a side

Crochet a second hump like this one.

Now it’s the moment to join them. Just treat the 2 humps as a only piece of crochet. And start the 5th round.

R5: Join the 2 humps and sc in each st around both humps (30)

R6: do 5 sc, 1 dec, sc, 1dec, sc in next 10 st, 1dec, sc, 1 dec, sc in last 5sc (26)

R7: Do two times  (4 sc, 1 dec, sc, 1 dec, sc in next 2 st, 1 dec). (20)

R8: 2 sc, 1 dec, 2 sc, 1 dec, 4 sc, 1 dec, 2 sc, 1 dec, 2 sc (16)

R9: 2 sc, 1 dec, 1 dec,. 4 sc, 1 dec, 1 dec, 2 sc (12)
Now you can start to fill the heart.

R10: 4sc, 1 dec, 4 sc, 1 dec (10)

R11: 3 sc, 1 dec, 3 sc, 1 dec (8)

R12: 2sc, 1 dec, 2sc, 1 dec (6)

Close the heart! That is!

Now you can use metal deco, pearls or little gems to complete your necklace as you want.

Crochet Necklace chain

I used an amazing yarn of metalized silk in dark grey.

Make a chain as long as you prefer the necklace.

You can also add little gems betwen the chains to complete your necklace.

Hope you like it!

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me in case of any doubt or suggestion.

All your feedbacks are welcome! And please, share this pattern with all your friends!

New free pattern are comming soon! See you!

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